Powell River Family Gardening

Teaching Children and Their Families In Powell River To Garden

Powell River Family Gardening Program February 23, 2010

The Powell River Family Gardening Program started as a side project to the Open Space program in 2007.

  • The program started with a small plot of donated earth behind the Seventh Day Adventist Church with a Family Place Summer Student and 2 families and lots of trial and error!
  • In 2008, the garden moved to help develop the Community Demonstration garden behind the Community Resource Centre.  In our first year behind the CRC, we developed 2 raised beds and started to build a children’s area.   The program expanded to involve a Family Place Worker, a summer student, a child care volunteer and 3 regular families.  We build our beds from the ground up and tried our first hand at canning.  A good portion of the harvest came back to the Family Place to make soups for our weekly Open Space group.
  • 2009 was the beginning of our true growth!  We expanded our growing area at the CRC to include 2 raised beds, a ground squash bed, a cold frame, and a border all around our area.  We did a workshop to teach about “Lasagne Gardening”, lots of salsa canning, and grew an impressive amount of produce for our 2 small raised beds!  We expanded our program to include 6 Regular Families involved in the program.

In 2010, we are embarking on some really exciting ventures!  We have big plans for our plots at the CRC!  We are taking over one corner of the Community Demonstration Garden, and have plans to grow 2 raised beds, one large square bed, run seedlings in our cold frame, grow a huge bean and pea play teepee for the kids, start a mason bee colony and maximize our growing space in a small area, while keeping it child friendly.  We received a donation of apx 1250 sqft of land behind the CRC which is amazing to see the potential for that space!!!  We’re also kicking off the first series of the Sprouts Program, which is a gardening education series of 6 workshops for children aged 3 and up and their parents.  The sky is the limit this year!


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