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We’re in to April! April 7, 2010

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This is definitely a busy month for gardeners, and the same can be said for our Sprouts Program.   Last week we planted all of our March/Early April starts.  We’ve got zucchini, squash, cukes, pumpkins and other seedlings waiting to sprout.  Now it’s a weather game!  After an amazing February, March brought cold, and wild winds.  Considering the number of babies and small children, we’re playing a waiting game to have a nice Monday to get in the garden clean up and start planting.

Exciting news!  The first of the six week Sprouts dates is coming up April 19th!  Liz and I will be sending out a newsletter to all of the participants this week detailing the schedule and events.  If you’re not involved in the preschool themed program, but would like to get out and learn more about gardening and food sustainability, we invite you to come by all of the rest of the Mondays!  Just contact the Family Place for more information.


One Response to “We’re in to April!”

  1. marie Says:

    Wow-this is just what we need! We homeschool and have a huge garden to plant and take care of. That’s pretty much what we do right now. Very committed to organic practice but have so much to learn. I have children ages 8,6,3 and 1… can we come?


    marie boettger

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